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Rosetta is the brains behind the DealTrak systems. Acting as a gateway it takes information from one source and converts it into multiple XML connections.

The Hub

The XML connections produced by Rosetta can be routed to any supplier connected to our network. Rosetta is available to car dealers and brokers who already have their own F&I technology but would like to be able to integrate with all the insurers, lenders and brokers that connect with our systems.


Rosetta solves the problem when every lender has a different format for finance proposals. Rosetta will:

  • Act as a translation gateway to finance lenders’ systems
  • Enable applications to be defined in one standard format
  • Enable an application to be received in the Rosetta format with routing information
  • Translate an application into what is required by the lender and re-send it
  • Enable the receiving or polling for decisions, translating them and then passing them back


  • Just one integration to your system is all that is required
  • No maintenance or updating needed
  • Easy to incorporate into your business processes
  • Familiar interface is easy and intuitive to use
  • Assists with many of your FCA responsibilities
  • Get sales people more productive faster

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