Four Square

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Fast comparable quotes for your customers

Foursquare enables fast and accurate PCP, LP and HP quotations to be obtained in the showroom.

  • Recalculation available in seconds
  • Customer facing and compliant
  • Branded to dealer specification
  • Linked to CAP, Glasses, HPI and Experian
  • Integrates into all of Frontline Solutions' core systems

Credit Search

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Transform your F&I processes and efficiencies with our innovative credit searching tool

Frontline Solutions are proud to have been the first company to introduce credit pre-screening to the UK motor market. A huge amount of valuable management information has been collected, meaning that Frontline can easily demonstrate how to improve your lender efficiencies and drive more finance leads.

  • 'Soft Search' of the customer means no footprint on their credit file
  • Can be either web based or customer facing in the showroom (or both!)
  • Keep control of the sales process - no need to overload the customer with too much information
  • High quality data used - supplied by our partners at Equifax
  • Set rules and filters for each of your lender/broker partners
  • Integrates into all of Frontline Solutions' core systems

Data Cycle

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Safe-keeping of customer records

Frontline Solutions stores customer record information in a safe, secure and organised format.

  • Operates a settlement vs. future value calculator and report. 
  • Tracks the value of the vehicle month on month against the future settlement figure.
  • Can provide alerts to both the customer and the dealer.
  • Credit Monitor can track the future creditworthiness of a customer as they rebuild their rating. 
  • Alerts are produced automatically to both the customer and dealer when the customers credit improves.

Web Tools

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Get the best tools for your website

Web Tools are just that - a set of web-based tools that can be used in isolation, or in combination with each other. Some of the key features are as follows.

  • Web tools provides clients with HP/PCP data that can be used to calculate finance payments for any vehicle.
  • Secure online application forms that can connect to Frontline Solutions' core systems.
  • Credit screening of leads.

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